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What is a Linux Server?

A Linux server is a server built on the Linux open-source operating system. It offers businesses a low-cost option for delivering content, apps and services to their clients. Because Linux is open-source, users also benefit from a strong community of resources and advocates.

Each “flavor” of Linux server is designed with different uses in mind:

  • If you’re running a web server, chances are it is running CentOS®
  • If your application serves thousands of users — or more — you’ll want something designed to handle that kind of volume, such as Red Hat® Enterprise or Ubuntu server
  • If that seems like overkill for your business needs, a TurnKey Linux single-purpose server might be sufficient

Cloud infrastructure is often Linux based.

According to research firm IDC, many enterprises are reducing the number of servers they manage by consolidating data centers and moving to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) where possible — shifting server responsibility to cloud service providers instead.

When you use a service provider like Rackspace to host or manage your Linux server, we can combine server, storage and networking services to create an integrated solution that meets your needs. So, you can focus on growing your business instead of trying to become Linux experts.

Why Use Linux Servers?


Linux servers offer the performance you need your infrastructure to deliver.


Linux servers offer enhanced permissions that can be optimized for security.


Linux servers are built on open-source technology that supports snapshot capabilities.


Linux works with cloud technologies to help you scale your business more easily.

How Can Rackspace Help?

Consider us an extension of your IT department — one with the expertise to configure, secure and manage the best-fit solution for the job — allowing your team to focus on higher-value activities that grow your business. We’ll help you determine: Which server — Linux or Windows®— is the right fit for your intended use How to get started using the best-fit server in your implementation If the cloud fits in your plan to support your business as it grows and changes

Whatever Your Business Requires, We Have a Solution For You:

Dedicated servers are a single-tenant infrastructure for when you require higher levels of security and control to help address your security and compliance requirements.

Managed servers offer managed operations for when you want hands-on support installing, monitoring and patching Linux on cloud servers to ensure optimal performance.

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