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Why Use Private or Public Clouds?

Private Clouds

Infrastructure is hosted on-site or in a service provider’s data center, offering greater levels of control and security. Because components are dedicated entirely to your business, you can customize compute, storage and networking.

Public Clouds

Infrastructure is shared by multiple businesses and owned and operated by a service provider, offering fast provisioning. Because you can scale resources to meet demand and pay-as-you-go, it’s a low-cost option for deploying apps.

Dedicated Servers

High-performance infrastructure can be customized to support your most demanding applications, and provide the security and control you need to address your compliance requirements. Combine it with the cloud to scale your business.

Hybrid Clouds

Connect dedicated servers, private and public clouds to tap the power of each and run workloads where they perform best. Create a custom hybrid configuration to meet your requirements for an agile, flexible and cost-effective solution.

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