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Reinhard Waldinger, VP of Finance, International

Reinhard Waldinger

VP of Finance, International

Reinhard looks after the Accounting, Finance, Business Services and Supply Chain functions for our International business and drives them to maximise value for our customers, Rackers and of course our shareholders. He has been a Racker for six years and is driven by the collaborative culture at Rackspace, along with the opportunity to work with some of the smartest people in the world every day.

Reinhard is incredibly passionate about our values - particularly Fanatical Support in all we do. He believes that for a functional leader that primarily deals with customers inside the company, it is important to provide as fanatical a service as other Rackers provide to our customers.

Despite no technology background, Reinhard enjoys learning about the nuances how our products work and can be used by our customers. He especially loves playing with our cloud products and finding ways to use them himself.

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