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What is the maximum mailbox storage?

Great question - for customers on an Exchange 2007 environment, the maximum mailbox storage is 10GB's.

For customers on an Exchange 2010environment, the maximum mailbox storage is 50GB's.

What is the maximum size for an Attachment?

The Maximum size for an attachment in the Exchange environment is 50mb.

What is Outlook Web Access (OWA)?

Outlook Web Access or OWA is a way to access your email online from any computer. This can be useful if you're not at home or in the office where email is usually checked through an email client. To access your email online head to

What are public folders?

Public folders are a feature of Microsoft Exchange that you can use to share information with others within your organization. Public Folder administrators can set privileges for users to access a folder, or the folder can be made available to everyone within your organization. Public folders contain contacts, calendar items, messages, journal entries, or notes. For more information, see Microsoft Exchange Public Folders

Where do I add an Activesync/Blackberry BES License?

Adding a Blackberry or Activesync license will be done by your administrator through the Cloud Office control panel. To learn more about adding the license please read the following article - Adding An Activesync/BES license

Account Services

How can I determine the Cloud Office system status?

For Cloud Office system status verification, use the following link: Cloud Office system status.

Where can I view my Cloud Office billing invoice?

Your billing invoice can be viewed through the Cloud Office control panel. Once you're logged in, navigate to My Account on the right hand side and select Invoice History. After you have selected Invoice History you can select any of your past invoices to view them.

Help! I'm locked out of my control panel!

No worries! Just call our main support line so we can direct you to your dedicated support team for help: 1-800-961-4454.

What's your policy on Spam/Bulk Email?

Rackspace follows a strict policy on spam and bulk email; for more information please the following article - Bulk Email Policy

How do I purchase more storage, mailboxes, and licenses for my account?

To purchase or make an upgrade to your account log in to your control panel and on the right hand side under "My Account" and then select "General Information." After you've selected General Information, select "Upgrade" on the red navigation bar. Select the product you would like to purchase and the target domain and you'll be presented with a list of items you may add to your account. Afterwards, select "Continue" and then "Complete Your Order."

How do I add an admin to my account?

Easy - log in to your control panel and on the right hand side under "My Account" select "Manage Administrators." Now select "Add Administrator" and fill out the information on the next page, then relay the information to your newly created Admin. You may only have up to 3 Administrators per account.

How do I submit a ticket?

Submitting a ticket is easy. Log in to your control panel and navigate to "Support" at the bottom and select "View/Create Ticket." To create a new ticket select "Create New Ticket" and fill out the information describing your request or issue and submit. You can also view a history of your most recent tickets.