Australia’s Dinosaur Deals Finds Cost-Effective, Superior Hosting Solution

CUSTOMER'S BUSINESS: Ecommerce deals website

CHALLENGES: Affordable hosting solution to handle databases and variable traffic

RACKSPACE SOLUTION: Ecommerce hosting solutions

BUSINESS OUTCOME: Reliable, cost-effective hosting backed by Fanatical Support®


Dinosaur Deals was one of Australia’s premier e-tailers prior to its recent acquisition by®. The site sold a wide variety of products, from baby items to electronics to furniture and had significant amounts of online traffic on a daily basis.


Dinosaur Deals was in need of a hosting provider that could handle both a heavyweight database as well as manage their volume of traffic – even during traffic spikes – in a way that was dependable and proactive. This was especially important considering their previous hosting partner was unable to handle Dinosaur Deals’ traffic spikes and could not offer a solution that would cost-effectively address this ongoing need for the e-tailer.


Because Dinosaur Deals was no smalltime player in online retail, owner Jonathan Bass knew that it was critical for their next hosting provider to be of the best and brightest of the big players in hosting. With the help of a consultant, the shortlist of three hosting providers was quickly shortened to one: Rackspace Hosting. While Australia has its fair share of hosting providers, it was the Fanatical Support that ultimately won over the team at Dinosaur Deals.

“We looked within Australia for a company that understood our long-term vision and our short-term needs,” says Bass. “And of course, we were initially concerned that not having the datacenter on-shore may be a sore spot. It was a leap of faith to move our servers off-shore. But the tipping point was when we learned that Rackspace has a local presence. Our Account Manager, Mark Randall, handles everything. He is excellent.” And whilst Rackspace has a local presence, they are backed up by teams of support specialists working around the clock from the US, UK and Hong Kong.

Fanatical Support, the no-excuses, can-do mentality that Rackspace gives customers every day, is what continued to impress the team at Dinosaur Deals. “Migration was terrifying for us, but nothing went down. Rackspace did it all,” says Bass.


Australia has many hosting providers who operate data centers on-shore. Unfortunately, hosting by an Australian company tends to be substantially more expensive than the same offerings provided by Rackspace – especially the cost of bandwidth. “We have saved a ton of money and gained superior service compared to Austrialia’s offerings,” says Bass. “Rackspace operates data centers overseas which is a far more cost-effective solution for us. We have had no drama with this - and the site performance was fantastic.”

Further, Bass points to the customer portal, MyRackspace®, as an excellent tool. “I have been amazed by the response times,” says Bass. “Dinosaur Deals gets a response in a half hour anytime of the day or night. Our servers may be located off-shore, but the service is never far away.”

Dinosaur Deals was acquired by, Australia’s largest online retailer, in August 2009 but their Rackspace hosted solution is still in place. “DealsDirect has a well-equipped IT team,” says Bass. “But we still trust Rackspace with our database and with the front-end application of our site.”

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