Support ticket statuses

To see how to create a Rackspace support ticket, watch a brief video.

After you create a support ticket, it can have one of the following statuses, depending on the work done on it:

  • New
  • In progress
  • Pending your response
  • Solved
  • Closed

The following process explains how a ticket moves through these statuses:

  1. As soon as a Rackspace Cloud customer opens a ticket, it has a status of New.
  2. After a ticket is reviewed by the Rackspace Cloud support team, it moves to the In Progress or Solved status.
  3. If the support team needs more information from the customer to fix the issue, the ticket might move to the Pending your response status.
  4. After a ticket has a status of Solved, a customer can move the ticket to Closed or reopen it, which changes the status to In progress.
  5. If a customer does not explicitly close or reopen a ticket with a Solved status, the ticket automatically goes to the Closed status in seven days.

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