Rackspace Email and Hosted Exchange settings

To set up your email hosted by Rackspace on either your desktop email client (like Outlook or Mac Mail) or on your mobile device, you can perform the configuration with the help of our Email Help Tool or you can enter the settings manually.

Email Help Tool

The Email Help Tool guides you through the setup process from start to finish. The tool automates the setup process for supported email accounts and clients or provides instructions for manually configuring your client.

Rackspace Email Help Tool

Manual configuration settings

If the Email Help Tool doesn't offer instructions for your mail client or if you want to set up your client directly, you can manually configure your email client or device by using the settings in the following tables.

Note: If your email uses an Exchange mailbox and you don't want to set up the connection as IMAP or POP, you can find additional information for specific clients and devices in Configure email clients and mobile devices for email hosted on Exchange.

To learn more about the differences between IMAP and POP, see the article IMAP and POP mail protocol comparison. We recommend using IMAP for the incoming mail connection.

The following settings provide a secure connection (SSL).

Protocol SSL server name SSL port number
POP3 (incoming) secure.emailsrvr.com 995
IMAP (incoming) secure.emailsrvr.com 993
SMTP (outgoing) secure.emailsrvr.com 465

The following alternative server settings do not use SSL and therefore do not make a secure connection to the mail server.

Protocol Non-SSL server name Non-SSL port number
POP3 (incoming) pop.emailsrvr.com 110
IMAP (incoming) imap.emailsrvr.com 143
SMTP (outgoing) smtp.emailsrvr.com 25, 587, 8025, 2525

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