Rackspace Cloud Backup - Overview

Getting Started with Rackspace Cloud Backup - Overview

Note: Cloud Backup works only on Rackspace Cloud Servers.


Rackspace Cloud Backup [product page] is a file-based backup application that lets you choose which files and folders to back up from your cloud server. You can choose to restore your whole system with all of its folders and files, restore individual files or folders from a given date, or restore to an entirely different server.

Following are the key features of Cloud Backup:

  • Select the files and folders from your cloud server that you want to back up
  • Run your backups manually or on a schedule that works for you
  • See the activity from all your backups, both current and previous
  • Use AES-256 encryption with a private encryption key known only to you
  • Restore individual files and folders from a particular date
  • Save space with incremental backups that save only the changed portions of files
  • Create unlimited backups

Cloud Backup does not take snapshots of your server. To read more about how Cloud Backup differs from snapshots, see Rackspace Cloud Backup vs. Cloud Server Image Backups or Best Practices for Backing Up Your Data: Cloud Block Storage versus Cloud Backup for backup consideration on your General Purpose server.

As a best practice for web servers and database servers, we recommend using Cloud Backup on the following directories:

  • Web applications under /var/www
  • Database dumps under /var/lib/mysqlbackup
  • User data under /home
  • Systems configuration files under /etc

For more information, see Best Practices for Cloud Backup and the Cloud Backup FAQs or visit Cloud Backup's main product page.

This Getting Started Guide includes the following topics:

Next step

If you have the Managed Operations service level, you might already have the agent installed on your server. You will know you have the agent when you see your cloud servers listed under Systems in the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel. If the agent is not already installed, we can install it for you. Check with your account manager and jump ahead to Create A Backup.

Other users should begin with the next page, How to Install the Cloud Backup Agent.

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