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Syncing Private Cloud Swift Containers to Rackspace Cloud Files

Replicate data between private Swift environments and Rackspace Cloud Files. This can facilitate backup, aggregated online content, and data migrations in your cloud applications.

Object Storage (Swift) in a Box

Deploy one petabyte of object storage in a single rack with Rackspace Private Cloud Software.

Apache Hadoop on Rackspace Private Cloud

Implementing an enterprise-ready Hadoop platform using Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) on top of Rackspace Private Cloud for processing big-data.

Compute Cloud (Nova) using SeaMicro SM15000

Deploying RackSpace Private Cloud Cluster on an AMD SM15000.

Bare Metal to Rackspace Private Cloud

Deploy large Rackspace Private Clouds with Razor and Chef.

Building a Rackspace Private Cloud with Linux iSCSI Volumes

An implementation guide to building a Rackspace Private Cloud with external storage that targets Enterprise IT applications. Volumes are provided via the Cinder volume service running on Linux server head units.


Tech Center Tools and Software

Knife Plugin for Rackspace Cloud Software

This plugin allows you to manage Rackspace Private Clouds using Opscode Chef.

Hortonworks HDP Chef Cookbook 

These cookbooks provide installation and management Chef recipes for Hortonworks Data Platform.

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