Getting Started with Cloud Networks

About Cloud Networks

Cloud Networks lets you create and manage secure, isolated networks in the cloud.  These networks are fully single tenant and you have complete control over the network topology, IP addressing (IPv4 or IPv6), and which Cloud Servers are attached.  Cloud Networks are regional in scope and can be attached to any of your Cloud Servers in a given region.  Cloud Servers can also be attached to multiple Cloud Networks.  Cloud Networks can be combined with Brocade Vyatta vRouters to create more complex topologies to route traffic between Cloud Networks or to external data centers over VPN.  Cloud Networks can be created and managed via API or using the Rackspace Cloud Control Panel.  

Using Cloud Networks 

You can use the Cloud Control Panel or the Cloud Servers API to manage Cloud Networks. This section provides links to both the Cloud Control Panel help articles and API developer resources.

Using the Control Panel with Cloud Networks

Attach an Isolated Network to a New Cloud Server

Remove Networks From a Cloud Server

CIDR Notation

Using the Cloud Networks API

Cloud Networks Release Notes

Cloud Networks Getting Started

Cloud Networks API Developers Guide

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