Client Hosting Changes FAQ

Note: This article refers to a previously implemented change.  It is preserved for archival purposes.

When will the client hosting changes occur?

Customers can expect to see these changes starting Mid-November 2012


What should I expect to see in my Control Panel ( after these changes?

While there will be several areas that will be modified and re-worded to remove any reference of hosting plans or their allocations, the most noticeable changes you will see include:

  • Removal of the Clients menu (Client Plans, Client Products, Client Messaging, Clients List) on the left navigation bar.
    • Clients List will be re-titled to Sub-Accounts, and moved to a tabular dropdown.
  • Removal of the hosting plan selection when creating a site.
  • Removal of MSSQL Storage Allocation & Database number selection.
    • This will no longer be a required selection, MS SQL will be charged as utility and Databases can be added as needed.
  • There will not be an Allocated column shown on the web site level.
  • Lastly, a full redesign and overall simplification of the Add Site process.


Will my client’s control panel ( change, too?

Yes — The client control panel will experience some changes, similar to the changes that are implemented on the primary control panel web site view.   There will no longer be an Allocated column shown on the web site view.


Are Client Accounts going away?

No — Client accounts will still be available, but they will have the different naming convention of “sub-accounts”. Customers will still be able to add client Sub-Accounts through the Sub-Accounts tab.  We encourage customers to continue to use Sub-Accounts in the same fashion as they use Clients today.


Where can I find the Sub-Accounts tab?

The section, formerly known as “Clients List”, will be renamed to “Sub-Accounts” and placed as a tab under the Cloud Sites section (Hosting > Cloud Sites).


Why are we making these client hosting changes?

These changes were selected with the purpose of:

  • Fulfilling the requirements necessary in order integrate with the new billing solution and the unified Cloud Sites control panel.
  • Improving the usability of the control panel by streamlining the "Add Site" process.
  • Removing sections that relate to features that are no longer offered as part of the product, such as client billing.


Will the client hosting changes impact our sites?

No. The settings configured within client plans are of no consequence to resources allocated or the functionality of your web site(s).


Why is client messaging being removed from our control panel?

The internal messaging service was primarily used for client billing related messaging. We no longer offer client billing through Cloud Sites, so this feature is no longer applicable.


How will you handle allocation of disk space, bandwidth and compute cycles?

Even when hosting plans were around, resources were never actually “allocated” to, or reserved for a site. These were merely in place to allow customers a point of reference in regards to how much resources a site was consuming.


Will I still be able to add databases to my site?

Yes — Databases can still be added under the site’s features tab without having to pre-select a determined amount.


How can I add more MSSQL storage space?

Due to the removal of the hosting plans, there is no longer any need to allocate/increase MSSQL storage space.  Customers will be able to utilize the necessary storage space, and they will be charged accordingly in the future.  This update to the utility billing for MS SQL is expected to take place in Q1 of 2013.


Will I still be able to use MSSQL databases?

Yes — MSSQL databases can still be created without having to pre-select a database amount or storage space.


Will my MSSQL database storage be capped at the current allocation?

No — For the moment, the MSSQL database storage will continue to scale based on your needs like the current model. Please note that your current bill for MS SQL is likely not billing you for your entire consumption, based on the $5/100MB pricing parameters. This will be corrected in the future, but will not be retroactive. Expected in 1Q 2013, expect MS SQL DB storage to be billed for utility consumption at the account level, likely at $5/100MB.  This is not a pricing increase, but a correction to the billing algorithm.


Will I still be able to add aliases/park domains when creating a site?

Yes — Even though the Hosting Plans section is being removed from the site creation process Aliases/Domain Parking will still be available during that step. 

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