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Hosting 101

Consider this a primer for hosting, not a comprehensive, A-to-Z, everything-you-always-wanted-
to-know compendium of hosting knowledge. It's meant to give you the tools and information to ask the right questions and make the right decisions for your business. Nothing more and nothing less.

Read, learn and enjoy. If you have any questions or need more information, you can
start a live chat with us at any time.

All the Reasons Why Hosting Is Smart for Your Business
There are major benefits to hosting your IT versus doing it all yourself.
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How the Different Types of Hosting Actually Differ From Each Other
Depending on your budget and needs, there's a hosting solution that's right for you.
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A Quick Glossary to Hosting Industry Jargon
An abridged glossary of the more common hosting terms and acronyms.
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What is Cloud Computing?
Your resource for getting up to speed with what the Cloud is and what it can do for you.
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Rackspace Community
Ask questions about Rackspace products and share your knowledge.
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