Extending Fanatical Support to Our Local Communities

Rackspace Giving Guidelines

Why Do We Focus On These Areas?

  • Arts & Culture: We ask Rackers to think creatively every day. We challenge them to innovate, to be resourceful, and to create an experience like none other for our customers. Creativity is a talent that must be cultivated. Building a culture of creativity takes explicit focus. This is important to San Antonio, and it’s important to Rackspace.
  • Education: A great education can elevate an entire community. We believe in the transformative value of education — and we walk the walk.
  • Technology: As an IT company, we encourage the organizations we work with to focus on their core business, not wrestle with outdated systems. We are the service leader in the cloud, and we believe non-profits deserve to have nimble, efficient IT solutions that help them do great work in our community.
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