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Recent Acquisitions

Strategically building and strengthening our portfolio

Through our strategic acquisitions, we're able to continually strengthen and extend our product portfolio—giving you the services you want, and saving you the need to integrate products yourself. This frees you up to focus on building what only you can build: your applications and business services, on top of our hybrid cloud.

From their solid technology, to their entrepreneurial talent, each of our acquisitions helps to build an even better Rackspace, for you.


Acquisition date: March 2013

Exceptional Cloud Services enhances our toolset for developers deploying and managing apps on the open cloud. The portfolio includes:

  • Exceptional.io for error tracking in web applications
  • Airbrake.io for collecting and aggregating errors generated by other applications
  • Redis To Go for easy Redis instance management

Acquisition date: February 2013

Database architectures, especially NoSQL databases like MongoDB, pose significant challenges for performance and scalability in the cloud. ObjectRocket addresses these challenges head on, making it easy to provision and manage MongoDB instances in the cloud. It's highly available, automatically sharded, and lightning fast.


Acquisition date: August 2012

Mailgun is a developer-focused mail-as-a-service company that helps developers integrate email sending and receiving capabilities into websites and applications in the cloud. Developers can use this powerful set of APIs to send, receive, and track email effortlessly—without needing to manage an email server or become an expert in email setup, operations, and deliverability.

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