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Rackspace Technology™ helps you run VMware® anywhere while removing the cost and operational burden of managing data center infrastructure and VMware cloud operations, so you can focus on your business. Our multicloud experts help you determine the best location for your VMware workloads, whether on- or off-premises, or even as a private cloud in a leading hyperscaler data center, then our VMware-certified professionals handle the day-to-day management of your software and its underlying hardware.

We’ve partnered with VMware and other industry leaders to bring the same standardization, self-service, automation and analytics that our customers see in the public cloud to a secure private cloud.

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Most established businesses now find themselves in a hybrid cloud world. And although some may have had a mixed experience of public cloud, the die has been cast and extending the attributes of cloud throughout their IT estates is a clear goal. For many of these organizations, going to the cloud has meant adopting other vendor’s ways and abandoning major operational and app investments to rebuild in the new platform. But there’s no need to abandon your VMware investment. There are now a great many options open to organizations for bringing both public and private cloud benefits to their innermost business critical applications and operations through the VMware stack. Join Rackspace Technology and VMware for a fireside chat to hear why it’s time to reimagine cloud and how VMware Cloud and Cloud Director has helped Rackspace change the cloud conversation for its customers from a public vs private, to one that focuses on business outcomes.

Adrianna Bustamante, VP, Global Partnerships, Rackspace Technology
Dan Houdek, Head of Private Cloud Product Marketing, Rackspace Technology
Guy Bartram, Director Product Marketing, VMware

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Adopting agile and cloud native development methods and tools is key to the future success of many businesses. Most businesses adopted virtualization many years ago to increase the efficiency and utilization of their IT estate and are now seeking ways to take that investment forward into the cloud native world. For VMware customers, VMware Tanzu provides a clear path toward that goal and the business benefits that it can yield. As one of VMware’s top partners, helping customers adopt a more developer-centric approach to cloud native development through the adoption of containers and Kubernetes is core to Rackspace Technology services for VMware.

Amine El Badaoui, Product Architect, Rackspace
Luke Huckaba, Principal Architect, Rackspace

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Most businesses are finding that they are operating a hybrid multi-cloud, and so one of the most important considerations for success is data access. Furthermore, with applications being deployed where best makes sense for the business, being able to access proprietary data with whatever application is critical. But therein lies the potential for uncontrolled costs because most public clouds do not charge for data ingress, but they do for egress. If data sovereignty and security are also then taken into account, it becomes clear that a cloud-neutral data repository that doesn’t charge for ingress/egress is a valuable asset. Through an ecosystem of ecosystems, RackConnect Global offers businesses private network access and security to business locations, hyperscalers and cloud-neutral locations, enabling true data freedom.

Michael Levy, Director, Product Management, Rackpace Technology
Sanjay Patel, Dell
Mike Rockwell, Megaport
Nirmal Ranganathan, Rackspace

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  • Adrianna Bustamante, VP Alliance Partnerships
  • Dan Houdek, Private Cloud Product Marketing


  • Guy Bartram, VMware

Most established businesses now find themselves in a hybrid cloud world. And although some have may have had a mixed experience of public cloud, the die has been cast and extending the attributes of cloud throughout their IT estates is a clear goal. For businesses developing applications to run in a VMware environment, there are now a great many options open to them for bringing those cloud benefits to their innermost business critical applications and operations. So, whether a customer wants to lift & shift out of its DC to Google VMware Engine or to Azure VMware Services or to VMware Cloud on AWS or if they prefer to stay in-house with VMware Cloud then Rackspace is the best partner, they can turn to help them achieve their desired business outcomes. 

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Topic: Transform to Cloud Infrastructure Everywhere

Level: B100 – Business Knowledge Transfer

Audience: CIO, CTO, CFO, CISO, CSO, ISO or VP Security, VP Infrastructure & Operations, Director Cloud Ops – IT Operations – Infrastructure – Networking, Enterprise Architect, Network Architect, Network Operations Lead, Security Architect

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