Bring your IoT solutions to life in weeks, not years

Full-Lifecycle Capabilities to Envision, Develop, Launch and Manage Your IoT Solutions

Businesses across industries are adopting IoT solutions to increase efficiency, gain competitive advantages and open new revenue streams. But IoT brings a great deal of complexity and specific customization requirements, accompanied by steep learning curves and increased time-to-market.

Let the IoT solution experts at Rackspace Technology help expedite your IoT journey. From prototype to production, we apply our proprietary collection of hardware, software and analytics so you can prototype quickly and accelerate the development of your connected device.

Differentiate Within Your Industry

Connected Products

Build new revenue streams, enhance customer experience and bring new products to market.

Industrial IoT

Enhance manufacturing and industrial applications with real-time, cloud-powered intelligence.

Distributed Intelligence

Gain insights from your fleet of distributed devices, deployed worldwide, to enhance and optimize your operations.

They’ve really helped my team become experts in building serverless architectures, and also just be better at what we do in the IoT space. Through our integration with AWS’ IoT platform and our incorporation of AI into our products, we’re now able to provide real-time visibility to our customers and deeper insights.

Rick Gruenhagen

Chief Technology Officer, Spireon

Fast-Track Your IoT Initiatives

Tap into our IoT solution expertise spanning various industries — from life sciences to manufacturing — and leverage our proprietary collection of hardware, software accelerators and analytics to launch your connected device.

  • Hardware: You can’t do Internet of Things without the Thing. Rackspace Technology combines the cloud with the hardware engineering expertise required to successfully complete your IoT solution.
  • Software & Cloud: Build world-class, event-driven applications to securely ingest, store and manage your IoT data, leveraging the vast and growing array of AWS IoT services.
  • Analytics: Gain actionable business intelligence from your fleet of connected devices, delivered in real-time, and enhanced by machine learning.
IoT board

Solutions for Every Stage of Your IoT Journey

Whether you’re looking to introduce IoT enabled products into your portfolio, employ more intelligent decision making or improve the efficiency of engineering and manufacturing processes, Rackspace Technology Professional Services for IoT can help you quickly build IoT solutions customized to your needs.

IoT Accelerator

Elevate your business quickly with our IoT Accelerator — a five-day assessment delivered by Rackspace Technology IoT experts who will:

  • Evaluate your IoT use cases
  • Provide recommendations for an IoT minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Provide backlog, roadmap and cost estimate for hardware, firmware and cloud architecture

Production IoT Solutions

Get expert support for the full lifecycle, with services customized for wherever you are on your IoT journey. Our team can help you design and develop your product and business model — across your IoT device hardware, platform and analytics solutions. 

IoT Platform Modernization

Take your IoT solution to the next level. By applying a cloud-native approach to your existing IoT platform, you can improve performance, reduce costs and improve agility. Our experts are here to help, every step of the way.

Customer Success

New Revenue Streams: Smart Products

Consumer Products

AutoPets, a pet care product manufacturing company, teamed up with Rackspace Technology to launch a new IoT-enabled version of their “Litter Robot” — which customers could control through an Android application. This functionality allowed AutoPets to attract new customer segments by outpacing their competitors. Read the case study.

Increased Operational Efficiency


Local Roots Farms was looking to remotely collect environmental data from their farms — such as temperature, humidity and CO2. Rackspace Technology connected their farm sensors to the AWS cloud, allowing horticulturists to control multiple growing environments remotely, offsetting the need for additional in-person data collection. Read the case study.

Predictive Quality

Oil & Gas

FRAC-CHEM sought to track the performance of fracking hydration units in remote field locations. Rackspace Technology developed an IoT solution that enabled their operations team to monitor the quality of chemicals coming from the hydration units, enabling FRAC-CHEM to enhance their positioning as a managed service provider in the liquid-chemical supply industry. Read the case study.

Medical & Life Sciences

Consumer Products

Arthrex is a life sciences company that manufactures endoscopic cameras for surgical use. Rackspace Technology implemented an IoT solution with an AI/ML workflow enabling Arthrex to analyze the surgical data gathered and ultimately correlate surgery length with positive outcomes. Read the case study.

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