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Tomamos la ubicación y la mejoramos considerablemente. Con "mejorar" nos referimos a que usted ya no tiene que ocuparse de todo, incluidos los gastos de capital, solo mantener el control de su sistema operativo. Ya no tendrá que ser esclavo del hardware físico, la red, el centro de datos, el localizador ni las emergencias a las 2 a.m. Podrá disfrutar del sistema operativo y del control del dispositivo que viene con la ubicación tradicional, pero no tiene que asumir los riesgos, las responsabilidades ni los inconvenientes. En pocas palabras, es todo lo que desea de una ubicación tradicional y nada de lo que no desea.

All of a Sudden, Doing It All Yourself Doesn't Make Much Sense

Constantly purchasing, deploying, scaling and managing the physical devices, the network and the data center yourself become things of the past. So put down the hardware. Get out of the data center. And start working smarter by freeing up your talent and money for activities that drive revenue.

What You Get with Rackspace Managed Colocation

  • Your Rackspace Support Team—Including a Network Architect and Deployment Engineer
  • Growth Planning of Your Architecture
  • We Own the Hardware and All Parts of Hardware Life Cycle Management
  • 24x7x365 Data Center and Account Management Support
  • Tools to Remotely Manage Your Environment
  • Highly Secure and Redundant Data Centers and Network
  • On-demand Rackspace Managed and Professional Services
  • Aggregate Transfer Bandwidth Pricing
  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreements around Infrastructure Support
  • The Fanatical Support Promise®

Insider Tips for Managed Colocation

Know Your Expertise

While our experts are handling the networks, physical hardware and data center, you will still need your own experts if you want to manage your application infrastructure. So accurately assess your in-house technical expertise. If you don't have expertise in customizing your OS, web server, database server, etc., managed hosting may be the better fit. Typically, Managed Colocation works for more mature companies with a history of in-house or traditional colocation hosting, versus startups or small businesses. It's also a smart alternative for those whose app is the core of their business.

Technology Refresh Time?

A lot of businesses that opt for Managed Colocation do it because the capital expenses tied to a technology refresh are just too daunting or don't seem practical. Especially when these purchases depreciate and head for obsolescence quickly. Managed Colocation removes the financial burden of owning your own hardware or in-house data center. And you'll never be responsible for a refresh again—we will take care of it for you.

All Operating Systems Apply

The flavor of OS you're running can determine whether it's a good fit for Managed Colocation. If it's not Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Windows Server, many traditional managed and dedicated hosting providers can't fully support it. So if you're trying to get out of the business of managing physical hardware and data centers, but you're running and supporting Debian, FreeBSD or another Linux distribution, Managed Colocation could be right for you.

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