Historias de los clientes: SwipedOn


Nuestro cliente

New Zealand-based SwipedOn grew from a tech start-up in 2013 to a global-leading visitor management system. Its frictionless visitor and employee digital sign in solution serviced over 70 million building-access movements by 2020.

Los obstáculos que enfrentaron

With an expanding global customer base, SwipedOn needed a technical partner who could support its AWS infrastructure and proactively react to any issues. It also needed support to optimize and scale as the company grows.

Lo que logramos juntos

SwipedOn is positioned to meet the growing global demand for leading-edge visitor and employee sign on solution with 24x7x365 support from Rackspace Technology. The company can now focus on user-facing features, instead of configuring and managing the infrastructure.

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Cómo les hemos ayudado


Managed Public Cloud, Privacy and Data Protection, Security


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“We knew the business had to scale to support growth. We talked with a few parties, but we had the most confidence in Rackspace Technology.”

Matt Cooney
Chief Technology Officer
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