Historias de los clientes: Humen.Ai


Nuestro cliente

Developers of the popular iOS app, Sway: Magic Dance, Humen.Ai is an AI-focused video synthesis and content creation company that uses deep learning and AI to create personalized, interactive experiences.

Los obstáculos que enfrentaron

The infrastructure running Humen.Ai’s popular iOS app became burdensome to run and threatened its financial stability. The company needed to lay a foundation for rapid releases and quickly reduce infrastructure costs without impacting response times.

Lo que logramos juntos

In just six weeks, Onica (a Rackspace Technology company) replaced Humen.Ai’s hand-built environment with Amazon ECS with Spot Instances, potentially reducing infrastructure costs by 70%. Employing a unique, Onica-built technique for scheduling jobs, the application runs faster and more efficiently. The new lightweight, containerized infrastructure enables AI and production teams to get app enhancements to market faster.

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Cómo les hemos ayudado


Application Services, Professional Services - Cloud Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“We were definitely on the path of switching to a containerized pipeline. Onica put in substantial effort to make that happen for us quickly.”

Tinghui Zhou
Co-Founder and CEO
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