Accelerated FedRAMP ATO Registration

Febrero 18, 2020
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Start Your Journey to Fully Managed, Continuous FedRAMP ATO with Our Half-Day Remote Workshop

Take an accelerated path to FedRAMP Authorization to Operate (ATO) on the Rackspace Government Cloud, through our three-step, streamlined FedRAMP enablement process. Start the process by registering for our half-day, live, virtual workshop — and you’ll be one step closer to achieving your FedRAMP compliance faster and at a lower cost than going it alone.

During this initial workshop, you will accomplish the following milestones:

  • Walk through the complete FedRAMP process
  • Clarify FedRAMP states – Ready, In-Process and Authorized
  • Explore GAP assessment strategies
  • Learn about realistic security remediation scenarios
  • Discover important tactics to maintaining your FedRAMP Authorization to Operate (ATO) through continuous monitoring
  • Understand major hurdles before making final time and resource commitments
  • End the workshop with a FedRAMP compliance roadmap

Workshop limited time registration cost is $499.

Free of charge for October Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Registration includes "one" classroom seat and 30-day access to Xacta®.

Our workshop is delivered remotely. We'll contact you with logistics after signup.

1. Workshop

  • Cost: $499 (Free of charge for October Cybersecurity Awareness Month.)

  • Half-day remote instruction

  • FedRAMP process

  • Gap Assessment

  • Gap Remediation

  • FedRAMP Ready, In-Process, Authorized

  • Continuous Monitoring

  • Major pitfalls and how to address them

  • Walk Away With:
    Customized FedRAMP Compliance Roadmap

    2. Gap Assessment

    • Cost: $10,000

    • Rackspace Inheritable Security Controls (RISC)

    • 25 critical path “above the OS” security controls

    • Corporate remediation required to achieve ATO

    • Firm Fixed Price engagement

    What You Walk Away With:
    FedRAMP Gap and Remediation Plan

    3. FedRAMP Environment

    • Cost: Solution Dependent Workshop and Gap Assessment fees credited to account with a one-year contract

    • FedRAMP Ready/In-Process SaaS environment, leveraging Rackspace Inheritable Security Controls

    • Xacta® powered body of evidence and system security plan

    • Remediation actions from previous step

    • Fully managed security, compliance, audit expertise

    Walk Away With:
    FedRAMP Ready/In-Process SaaS Environment
    Walk Away With:
    Customized FedRAMP Compliance Roadmap
    Walk Away With:
    FedRAMP Gap and Remediation Plan
    Walk Away With:
    FedRAMP Ready/In-Process SaaS Environment

    As a FedRAMP-authorized Cloud Service Provider, Rackspace Technology can streamline your FedRAMP authorization on Rackspace Government Cloud. We do this in partnership with: Telos Corporation, a FedRAMP-compliant ISV and provider of Xacta® for security requirements continuous monitoring and documentation; and Secure IT, a designated FedRAMP Third-Party Assessment Organization (3PAO).


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    The investment of $5000 was a small price to get a great understanding of what the process would be to gain FedRamp Approval. The process is very complex and the guidance provided in the class was extremely helpful.

    Mark Nichols

    Sr. Solutions Advisor

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