Five Culture Shifts to Consider When Undertaking IT Transformation


Five Culture Shifts to Consider When Undertaking IT Transformation

IT transformation is one of the biggest challenges a company can face. Smart companies realize this in advance and begin company culture changes that will support what’s going to be different in IT.

Last week, I blogged about how the right kind of professional services can boost your business, which detailed how we meet customers wherever they may be in their journey to modernize their IT. That sometimes includes helping figure out how we can help smooth any cultural shifts that may be needed. These shifts can be significant, including realigning and retraining staff to thrive in a new IT world and getting business units to think differently about what IT can do for them.

I recently had the opportunity to talk through this with Vijay Thumma, who leads global technology transformation at McKesson, one of the nation’s largest companies, delivering fully one third of all pharmaceuticals in North America.

We discussed how culture is one of the most overlooked parts of IT transformation, yet also one of the most critical for success. In the video above, we describe five key culture shift considerations, with many valuable lessons you can take back to your organization as you're preparing for IT transformation.