Historias de los clientes: Cando Rail Services

Cando Rail Services

Nuestro cliente

Cando Rail Services is a fast-growing, international service provider of complete rail solutions. Cando’s specialized rail support services optimize the bulk material supply chain, and are a crucial linchpin between industrial customers and Class 1 railways.

Los obstáculos que enfrentaron

Develop a serverless environment to process and push through IoT sensor data from train carriages to customers, implementing CI/CD best practices, and improving cost efficiency, scalability and stability.

Lo que logramos juntos

Working with Onica, a Rackspace Technology company, to develop a serverless environment to improve cost efficiency, scalability, and stability, Cando Rail Services increased deployment speeds and reduced costs —executing in two seconds what once took 90 seconds.

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Cómo les hemos ayudado


Professional Services, Professional Services - Data Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“Onica helped us create a super collaborative, highly functioning team that optimized our entire infrastructure and architecture from the ground up. I feel like we’re in very, very good hands and that we’re set up very well for future success.”

Corrie Banks
Director of Logistics
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