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Elevating Your Security Posture with Platform Engineering

CISOs who adopt platform engineering can integrate security across software development, overcoming silos and fragmentation for more secure and efficient IT.

Platform engineering is emerging as a critical innovation strategy for enterprises. In this seven-part series, we dive into the transformative potential of robust platform engineering — how it accelerates developer productivity, optimizes infrastructure and benefits all levels, from CEOs to developers to product managers.

As a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), your primary responsibility is to safeguard your enterprise's digital assets against ever-evolving threats. DevSecOps — an integration of development, security, and operations disciplines — has emerged as an essential methodology to ensure security is embedded throughout the software development lifecycle.

However, effective DevSecOps adoption is often hindered by team silos and tool fragmentation. This article explores how you can enhance your DevSecOps strategy by unifying observability and security through platform engineering.

Platform engineering aids in the consolidation of diverse tools and teams onto a single, unified platform. This integration fosters more effective, data-driven DevSecOps automation, which can facilitate software delivery and infrastructure management that is more cohesive, secure and efficient.


Integrate security from the outset

DevSecOps integrates security from the outset, ensuring every part of the software development process includes security considerations rather than relegating security to the final step, as was done in traditional development practices. Platform engineering supports the DevSecOps approach by providing a shared framework that integrates security tools and practices. This integration makes ‘security by design’ a natural and seamless aspect of all development activities, aligning with the proactive security mindset.

Overcome team silos and tool fragmentation

In many organizations, security, development and operations teams work in silos, using many tools that don't always integrate well. This fragmentation hinders collaboration and a swift response to threats. Platform engineering addresses this by offering a common platform that bridges these gaps, connecting various tools and processes. This shared, integrated platform enhances communication, collaboration and understanding across teams while fostering a collective responsibility for security.

Provide a unified platform

Some 88% of CISOs recognize that DevSecOps would be more effective if all teams operated from a single, integrated platform. The goal of platform engineering is to create this unified platform by integrating various tools and processes into a cohesive workflow. Platform engineering methods ensure that security becomes an intrinsic part of the entire development and deployment process, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of DevSecOps practices.

Codify security governance

You face complex tasks when implementing and enforcing security policies consistently across all projects and teams. Platform engineering enables you to codify security governance. You can embed policies and regulations directly into templated development and deployment processes, ensuring every piece of code complies and is secure by default. Codifying governance not only streamlines compliance but also minimizes human error.

Bridge silos and fragmented tools

The typical cloud ecosystem contains a vast array of fragmented, inconsistent tools. Platform engineering focuses on integrating and abstracting across these fragmented tools, providing you with a unified interface and experience. This integration reduces complexity and simplifies development processes. It also helps to ensure that you effectively utilize security tools across the board.

Create consistency and auditability

Ensuring consistent security practices and maintaining audit trails remains vital yet challenging, especially in complex environments. Platform engineering records every action, change and decision while aligning them with security policies. This creates consistent, auditable trails, enhancing your transparency and accountability while simplifying compliance and audits.

For CISOs, adopting platform engineering represents a strategic move toward a more secure, efficient and integrated IT environment. By addressing the challenges in DevSecOps adoption, including team silos and tool fragmentation, platform engineering embeds security as an intrinsic, consistent and auditable part of every phase of software development and deployment. It is not just an add-on.

As a CISO who embraces platform engineering, you can elevate your security posture and drive your organization toward a more secure, resilient future.


Stay tuned as we unpack the transformative potential of platform engineering. 

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