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153: Cloud Operations Decoded: A CTO Roundtable Discussion

Join Jeff DeVerter in an engaging episode of “Cloud Talk - CTO Roundtable edition” as he hosts a panel of esteemed cloud technology leaders to dissect the complexities and advancements in Modern Operations. This episode features Justin Kuss, VP of IT for platforms and shared services at Rackspace, alongside Travis and Simon, CTOs for public and private cloud at Rackspace. The discussion promises to navigate the internal workings of cloud operations and spark a lively debate between the idealists and realists of the cloud world. Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that will leave you with a deeper understanding of the operational strategies that are driving the cloud industry forward.



144: Changes in the Cloud Market and AI Impact

Join Jeff DeVerter, host of #CloudTalkLive, in an insightful conversation with Koby Phillips, the VP of Cloud Practice at Telarus! Discover the latest trends in the cloud market and how AI is revolutionizing transformation journeys for everyone. Don't miss the chance to learn from Koby's expertise and insights on effectively leveraging cloud and AI for your business success.




143: Smart Technologies and Cloud Computing for a Greener Future

In this episode of Cloud Talk, Jeff DeVerter and Srinivas Koushik discuss sustainability in the context of IT. They explore how IT affects and is affected by environmental and social issues, and how to make IT more sustainable with smart technologies and cloud computing. They also share some best practices and solutions for implementing a sustainable IT strategy.



142: Partnering for AI Success with Rob Harper, Google Channel Sales Exec

This week, we have a special guest: Rob Harper, the AI aficionado and Google's Channel Sales Exec for North America!


141: A Conversation with Brian Lillie: From Air Force to Cloud Force

In this episode of Cloud Talk Podcast, Jeff DeVerter talks to Brian Lillie, the President of Private Cloud at Rackspace Technology, about his amazing career journey and his “compass” with the four values that guide his decisions. Learn how Brian navigates the cloud world with his compass and how you can find your own.

140:  How to Future-Proof Your Business with AI: A Conversation with Robert Scoble     

Learn how to leverage AI in your business and future-proof your growth with Robert Scoble, a tech journalist and author of The Infinite Retina, and Jeff DeVerter, host of Cloud Talk Live. They will share their insights and experiences with AI, answer your questions live, and help you discover new opportunities with AI.

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