Historias de los clientes: PCMI


Nuestro cliente

PCMI supports their clients’ growth by offering innovative solutions to help them expand into new markets. From selling to administration, to claims, the PCMI application spans the customer’s entire life-cycle.

Los obstáculos que enfrentaron

To meet the needs of their rapidly growing business, PCMI required a partner that enabled rapid deployment, allowed flexible product design and development, and could provide transparent reporting. Additionally, PCMI wanted a trusted partner who could offer them best in class services and support around data compliance and security

Lo que logramos juntos

In Rackspace, PCMI has found an unparalleled level of expertise they can leverage for their security and compliance requirements. Additionally, the uptime and availability of their Rackspace solution has proven to be a major benefit to their clients.

Cómo les hemos ayudado


Compliance, Infrastructure, Managed Hosting, Networking, Performance, Privacy and Data Protection, Scalability, Uptime

“Data compliance and data security has become a major factor when customers are selecting which vendor to work with. Rackspace has been able to meet all these different needs in a very cost-effective manner.”

Mark Nagelvoort
President & CEO
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