Oracle EBS R12.2 ADOP Issues Fixes and Workarounds

by Rackspace Technology Staff

In this blog, I have discussed fixes/workaround issues faced by our customers on ADOP.

Following is the list of occurred issues: 

  1. FS_CLONE/Prepare issues due to missed Patch Context File on DB 
  2. FS_CLONE/Prepare due to less /usr/tmp Space 
  3. FS_CLONE while wlst2apply apply 
  4. Node Abandon 
  5. Invalid Cross References

FS_CLONE/Prepare issue due to missed Patch Context File on DB 

As part of the cloning process, sometimes, we ignore running autoconfig on Patch File system to gain time of delivering clone instances, and this leads to patch context files missing on the database. While running the ADOP database context files get validated. However, due to the unavailability of patch file system context files in the database, we get the following error. 


adop sceenshot  1

Logfile Error details: 

Validating configuration on node: [Appl_Host].

    Log: /u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/98/20220131_021858/fs_clone/validate/Appl_Host
    [UNEXPECTED]Error occurred running "perl /u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/EBSapps/appl/ad/12.0.0/patch/115/bin/  -contextfile=/u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/inst/apps/DEV_Appl_Host/appl/admin/DEV_Appl_Host.xml -patchctxfile=/u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs2/inst/apps/DEV_Appl_Host/appl/admin/DEV_Appl_Host.xml -phase=fs_clone -logloc=/u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/98/20220131_021858/fs_clone/validate/Appl_Host -promptmsg=hide"
    [UNEXPECTED]Error 1 occurred while Executing txkADOPValidation script on Appl_Host

 Check Validation log

error alt text

Screenshot of Error: 


Signal Picture 4

`NONPROD [appti@Appl_Host Appl_Host]$ cat txkADOPValidations.error
Use of uninitialized value $result in split at /u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/EBSapps/appl/au/12.0.0/perl/TXK/ line 1294.
No such file or directory at /u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/EBSapps/appl/au/12.0.0/perl/TXK/ line 230.`


Issue occurred due to no Contextfile of Patch context file in fnd_oam_context_files . Use the following query to check Patch context file: 



where NAME not in ('TEMPLATE','METADATA','config.txt')

and CTX_TYPE='A'

and (status is null or upper(status) in ('S','F'))

and EXTRACTVALUE(XMLType(TEXT),'//file_edition_type') = 'patch';  2    3    4    5

no rows selected


Upload Patch Context to DB using the following command:

`Source Run file environment 
$ADJVAPRG action=upload contextfile=<fulle patch of Patch Contex_file> logfile=<fulle path of logfile> 

$ADJVAPRG action=upload contextfile=/u01-

DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs2/inst/apps/DEV_Appl_Host/appl/admin/DEV_Appl_Host.xml logfile=/tmp/patch_context_upload.log`

error screen 4
File environment 1

 Error 5

alt 5

<img src=Picture5.png title="" alt="">

SQL> select path from FND_OAM_CONTEXT_FILES

where NAME not in ('TEMPLATE','METADATA','config.txt')

and CTX_TYPE='A'

and (status is null or upper(status) in ('S','F'))

and EXTRACTVALUE(XMLType(TEXT),'//file_edition_type') = 'patch';  2    3    4    5




 Query with Output : 

<img src=Picture6.png title="" alt="">

Now FS_CLONE should complete fine 

### FS_CLONE/Prepare errors due to less /usr/tmp Space 

Due to less /usr/tmp space on the host, you may encounter the following error while running adop fs_clone or in the prepare stage


Error details:
START: Creating FMW archive.

`Running /u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/FMW_Home/oracle_common/bin/ -javaHome /u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/EBSapps/comn/adopclone_Appl_Host/FMW/t2pjdk -al /u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/EBSapps/comn/adopclone_Appl_Host/FMW/FMW_Home.jar -smw /u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/FMW_Home -ldl /u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/inst/apps/DEV_Appl_Host/admin/log/clone/fmwT2PStage -invPtrLoc /etc/oraInst.loc -silent true -debug true
Script Executed in 27558 milliseconds, returning status 255
ERROR: Script failed, exit code 255`

error screenshot 5

Issue: Insufficient space in /usr/tmp  . Require Min 15G free space


Create a directory with 16G available space 

`mkdir -p /u02-DEV/app/appti/DEV/temp






export TMP

export TEMP

export TMPDIR`

Now rerun FS_CLONE 

FS_CLONE while  wlst2apply  apply

Error details: 
 .jar -server_start_mode=prod -log=/u01-
DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/inst/apps/DEV_Appl_Host/logs/appl/rgf/TXK/CLONINGCLIENT7100708042842072347/unpack.log -log_priority=debug 

 .jar -server_start_mode=prod -log=/u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/inst/apps/DEV_Appl_Host/logs/appl/rgf/TXK/CLONINGCLIENT7100708042842072347/unpack.log -log_priority=debug
<< read template from "/u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/inst/apps/DEV_Appl_Host/logs/appl/rgf/TXK/CLONINGCLIENT7100708042842072347/packed_template.jar"
>>  succeed: read template from "/u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs1/inst/apps/DEV_Appl_Host/logs/appl/rgf/TXK/CLONINGCLIENT7100708042842072347/packed_template.jar"
<< set config option ServerStartMode to "prod"
>>  succeed: set config option ServerStartMode to "prod"
<< write Domain to "/u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs2/FMW_Home/user_projects/domains/EBS_domain"
Exception in thread "Thread-1" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
        at java.util.Arrays.copyOfRange(
        at java.lang.String.<init>(


Insufficient JVM heap size  to complete fs_clone


`export CONFIG_JVM_ARGS="-Xmx2048m 
-Xms1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -XX:-UseGCOverheadLimit"`



Node Abandoned

When the node gets abandoned during adop in FS_CLONE/PREPARE, you can fix the abandoned node by:

NOTE: Try this workaround only with issues in the FS_CLONE, PREPARE phase. If the issue occurs in Cutover phase in multi node environment try Standard process of Deleting and Adding Abandoned Node 



Checking for existing adop sessions.

No pending session exists.

Starting new adop session.

[ERROR] Nodes Appl_Host_Admin,Appl_Host_EXternal were abandoned in previous patching cycle

[ERROR] To recover these nodes, follow the instructions in My Oracle Support Knowledge Document 1677498.1

[UNEXPECTED]Unrecoverable error occurred. Exiting current adop session.


a)    Get current adop_session_id  from ad_adop_sessions table . 
select * from ad_adop_sessions order by adop_session_id desc;

b)    Take backup of ad_adop_sessions
Create table applsys.ad_adop_sessions_bkp21jan22 as select * from ad_adop_sessions;

c)update ad_adop_sessions set abandon_flag=null where adop_session_id=156;
Then run **adop -validate*** to check all nodes are validated successfully                                    

Invalid Cross References





  •      WARNING: File - /u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs2/FMW_Home/webtier/instances/EBS_web_OHS1/bin/opmnctl contains cross reference in it.
  •       WARNING: File - /u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs2/FMW_Home/webtier/instances/EBS_web_OHS1/bin/opmnctl contains cross reference in it.
  •      WARNING: File - /u01-DEV/app/appti/DEV/fs2/FMW_Home/webtier/instances/EBS_web_OHS1/bin/opmnctl contains cross reference in it.
  •         Corrective Action: Contact Oracle Support to identify the best course of action.

Picture 8 error ADOP


Correct opmnctl file in $FMW_HOME/ webtier/instances/EBS_web_OHS1/bin  with file system 

Take a backup before making changes.


The issues listed above are among the most common ones faced by Oracle Apps DBAs during their operations. With these fixes and workarounds, they will be able to run their regular operations more smoothly and effectively. ADOP is one of the most common operations in Oracle Apps. This collection of ADOP issues and fixes will help Application DBAs when they encounter similar problems

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