#cloudchat Recap: Internet of Things Benefits and Challenges


#cloudchat Recap: Internet of Things Benefits and Challenges

Rounding out week two of our future looking #cloudchat series, we turned the discussion to the Internet of Things. Our experts weighed in on it all, from which IoT devices our cloud chatters are most excited about to the implications on security and privacy.

This week, we were joined by our very own Chief Evangelist John Engates and Senior Systems Design Engineer Adi Gangidi. Joining our Rackers in the IoT discussion was Red Hat’s Thomas Cameron, InfluxData’s David G. Simmons, IoT Author and Stanford CSP Instructor Sudha Jamthe, Greenwave Systems’ Jim Hunter, Blue Lock’s Diana Nolting, Apcera’s Mark Thiele and Cybric’s mike d. kail.

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The group of experts weighed in on the following questions:

  • Q1: Let’s get started with a relatively easy one: what is the IoT device you’re most excited about? Why?
  • Q2: Going beyond the consumer space of IoT, how is industry implementing connected devices to gain a competitive advantage?
  • Q3: How do you think that IoT is shaping the on-going debate between features and privacy?
  • Q4: We’ve heard about IoT devices being hacked and creating a bot-net that has taken down the web—how can people harden the devices? Is the Internet secure for all IoT apps?
  • Q5: Mountains of data are generated by IoT devices—where do you think it should live? In the cloud or on “the edge?” Why?
  • Q6: What do you envision for the future of IoT? What does our life look like in 10 years?

We eased into the discussion by asking this week’s cloud chatters to share an IoT device they are particularly excited about. Right out of the gate several participants, including Rackspace’s John Engates, said self-driving cars had them the most excited.


mike d. kail went a step further, saying he’s hopeful the technology will “reduce overall traffic congestion and increase safety.”


Sudha Jamthe noted that “IoT cameras are so powerful because of how they use Machine Learning. It has so much potential and risk at the same time.” This was a perfect segue into the remainder of our conversation — how do you pause from the excitement of new technology to consider the risks?


From an industry perspective, many of our experts agreed that IoT is increasing efficiencies at a rapid pace. In fact, to mike d. kail’s point, humans are struggling to keep up with the innovation.



Because IoT innovation is moving rapidly, there are implications for security and privacy. It’s clear that, from a consumer standpoint, people want impressive features, and they want them fast.


But in David G. Simmons’ experience, people are often not aware of how easily penetrated poorly secured IoT devices can be, regardless of size.


With consumers hungry for the latest IoT product, and privacy and security being a serious risk, who should be held accountable? Many of our cloud chatters, including Diana Nolting and Jim Hunter, believe businesses should be the ethical stewards.



As we asked the experts to envision the future of IoT, Thomas Cameron summarized the conversation well: IoT is making many lives better, but as with all new technology, we must remain vigilant and consider the impact.


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