Create/Connect Database in OCI on Public Subnet

by Ravishekhar Yelemane, Oracle Applications Database Administrator, Rackspace Technology

By following the steps outlined in this blog, you will be able to configure a Database in Oracle Cloud Interface. The steps in the entire process can comprise the following: 

  1. Generating SSH Keys Pairs In OCI
  2. Create a Database in a Public Subnet
  3. Connect to VM DB system.


Considering that the following pre-requisites are already in place: 

  • Oracle Cloud Account (Free Trial/Paid Version)
  • The Network Configuration for Virtual Machine (VM)/ Bare Metal (BM) should be configured
  • Public Subnet
  • Security List & Open Port 22 & 1521
  • Internet Gateway
  • Route Table

Let us begin by generating SSH key pairs in OCI:

Section 1: Generating SSH Key Pairs in OCI

OCI pic 1

Image Source

Open WinSCP & Click on Tools -> Run PuTTYgen

OCI pic 2
OCI Pic 3

1. To generate the private & public keys, Click on Generate and move the mouse around the blank area in the box as shown above: 

2. Key gets generated, as shown in the following screenshot

3. Click on Save private key in your local system. 
Add the key passphrase (Password) and re-enter it again to confirm the passphrase. 

4. For public key, copy the Key content in a file on your local system which is shown in the following snippet. Sometimes it is required in case of any issue in accepting public key files. 

5. Copied key content of public key can be used in such cases. 
Then click on Save Public Key to save the file in the same location where the private key was stored in step 3.

Note: Public key format starts with ssh-rsa & ends with rsa-key-20211015


oci pic 4

6. Save public key with .pub & private key with.ppk extension

7. After generating and saving both the keys, you can go back to the Cloud Portal.

Section 2: Create Database in Public Subnet

This section involves steps in creating an Oracle Database in Public Subnet on OCI. 
Login to OCI console with your tenant.  Here ohravi is the Tenant I already created.  
So below is the URL

Select the links that are highlighted in Box as per the below snippet

oci pic 5

Select the AD & shape as VM with standard shape as per below snippet on the options available

oci pic 6

 Select the highlighted/indicated in Box as per the below snippet on the options available while configuring the DB system

oci pic 7

SSH PUBLIC KEY: Paste your Public key created earlier in Section 1 point 5 as shown in the following screenshot

oci pic 8

Select a name for the VCN, I have used as POC_VCN & the subnet.

oci pic 9


Provide a database name here. I am using POC & 19c in my example

oci pic 10

Select create DB system option as indicated in the following snippet

oci pic 11


It takes 50-60 minutes to keep the instance Up & Running.

When the DB creation is done, the status changes from Provisioning to Available as shown in the following snapshot.

oci pic 12


Section 3: Connect to VM DB System which was created in previous steps 

Login to the OCI Console, & navigate to Database Section select database POC_Ravi

oci pic 13

When you click on pocDB above, next page will show the Public IP address as per the following snippet.
Use that IP address in connection as the Host Name in the next step

oci pic 14


Open putty

1. Enter the following 

- Host Name (or IP Address): Enter opc@Public IP of your instance 

- Port: Enter 22 

- Connection type: Select SSH

oci pic 15


Now, expand SSH and select Auth and browse your private key and click open 

oci pic 16


Click on Open

oci pic 17

Switch to Oracle user to connect with the SQLPLUS

oci pic 18
oci pic 19


The blog explains the basic steps of configuring a Database on the Public subnet along with SSH key generation. Also, the above-explained steps help connect to the Database using the SSH keys which are essential for an Oracle Cloud DBA’s routine activity.

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