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Accelerate your application modernization with Anthos

Discover how businesses in your segment are leveraging the cloud today, while you explore core cloud services on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), review best practices, ideate solutions for high-priority use cases and determine if a proof-of-concept or MVP could accelerate your journey. Through our on-site Google Cloud Hybrid/Multi Cloud with Anthos Discovery Workshop, Rackspace architects will work with you to determine the technical and business requirements of your project, design a high-level solution that taps the power of GCP services in the cloud and demonstrate the possibilities for your business. NDA may be required for this workshop.

Day 1 - Morning Session

9 a.m. - 12 p.m

Discovery and Knowledge-Sharing

  • Work with a Rackspace architect to introduce the capabilities and tools that are available on Google Cloud Platform, particularly Google Cloud Platform’s Anthos product
  • Exploration of the tools leveraged by Anthos - Containers, Kubernetes,Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Compute Engine, and serverless microservice architectures
  • Review of various deployment/architecture options - On-premises, Hybrid Environment, Multi-cloud, Cloud Native


Day 1 - Afternoon Session

1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Knowledge Sharing and Technical Deep Dive

  • Technical deep dives on Anthos Connect, Anthos Service Mesh (Istio), Migrate for Anthos, Google Cloud Run for Anthos, Anthos Marketplace, Binary Authorization, Anthos Configuration Management
  • Discuss Google Cloud Platform’s suite of monitoring, auditing, and operational tools
  • Present demonstration and sample deployments of Anthos variations context appropriate for the Customer’s infrastructure, workloads, and compliance needs


Day 2 - Morning Session

9 a.m. - 12 p.m

Solution Design and Ideation Session

  • Collaborate around business drivers and desired outcomes
  • Solution ideation for your high-priority use cases
  • Discuss modernization options (On-premises, Hybri, Multi-cloud)
  • Beyond Anthos (Taking advantage of the GCP Cloud Services)
  • Whiteboard requirements, outcomes and high-level architecture
  • Wrap up session with discussion on next steps between a PoC and MVP solution



Workshop follow up:


  • Solution Architecture and Recommendations Report


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