Historias de los clientes: myBeepr


Nuestro cliente

myBeepr is a highly customisable, secure, real-time team collaboration platform used to improve the way doctors
communicate in hospitals.

Los obstáculos que enfrentaron

To make its platform suitable for hospital environments, myBeepr needed assistance complying with stringent industry security requirements within a SaaS-based environment, whilst maintaining a single cloud platform.

Lo que logramos juntos

myBeepr reduced the burden on hospital switchboards by reducing the time taken to close the communication loop by almost 18 and a half minutes — from 22.78 minutes down to 4.30 minutes.

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Cómo les hemos ayudado


Managed Hosting, Managed Public Cloud, Professional Services, Professional Services - Security


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Proactive Detection and Response

Rackspace’s cutting-edge infrastructure services is helping us change the future of health technology in Australia.

Krupa Bagani
Co-founder & COO
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