Does Your Current Email Strategy Make the Grade? [Quiz]

By kacelacombe -

Does Your Current Email Strategy Make the Grade? [Quiz]

A consistent common denominator among thriving businesses and successful individuals is their reliance on email for productivity and as a dynamic tool for collaboration.

From sending confidential data to executing a marketing campaign, for businesses, email simply gets it all done. The down side of such a crucial piece of our daily productivity is that email can vulnerable — and when it comes to being compromised, it’s just as effective for cybercriminals.

As a business owner or IT professional, you simply don’t have the time to manage your company’s own security, nor do you have the resources to become the experts. So, how do you actually know what email security measures you should be taking? Or that your current security strategy is really enough?

Rackspace has experts so you don’t have to. With our expertise, we've created this quick quiz to assist your business as an easy guide to check if your current email security is enough for your business or clients.

Our email security specialists have studied what different types of businesses need in their email security strategy in order to keep their business, and therefore their clients, safe. We have packaged our Rackspace Email and Microsoft Office 365 offerings with an uptime guarantee and numerous security measures, ranging from email archiving, encryption, premium antivirus and antispam software, customizable controlled access to confidential files and more.

From protecting your business from cybercriminals to assisting with HIPAA compliance, we have the right security package for you. And as always, on top of our security offerings, our support specialists are available to your business rain or shine, 24x7x365.

Every business requires reliable and efficient email security and we know that one blanket strategy does not fit all. Our variety of email security offerings are purposely created to fit your business size, email needs and industry.

Not sure if your email security is cutting it? Take our quiz to see if your strategy makes the grade. Our cybersecurity quiz will serve as a guide in helping your business evaluate the current strength of your email security while also providing next steps to a customizable security offering at Rackspace.

Want to learn more about how you can keep your email secure? Check out our infographic on the Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Email Secure with Office 365.