Cloud-native development: Challenges and solutions

by Rackspace Technology Staff

We are excited to announce enhanced full-lifecycle cloud-native development Professional Services capabilities to better help our customers build modern applications for the future.

Early cloud adoption approaches focused on migrating applications and infrastructure with minimal changes to the code or architecture. While these migrated workloads sometimes benefit from the elasticity and scale of the cloud, unlocking additional value requires modernizing the application code and architecture to be more cloud-native.

This enhanced portfolio of services helps you develop modern applications that take advantage of cloud-native technologies and microservices architectures. From ideation and user experience design to development and deployment, we work alongside you to re-engineer your legacy applications and build new modern applications that maximize the agility, reliability, and cost-saving benefits of the cloud.

Why are businesses embracing modern cloud-native applications?

Our customers see the long-term value of transitioning to cloud-native architecture while leveraging our AWS expertise across the following use cases:

  • Eliminate Windows licenses.
  • Break up the monolith into microservices.
  • Refactor legacy on-prem desktop applications and deliver them in a SaaS model through cloud-based web or mobile applications.
  • Build serverless applications for real-time and event-driven use cases, such as IoT or video streaming.

There is no one-size-fits-all pathway to modernization. That is why we've developed multiple paths to help customers on their journey to cloud-native development through services that range from assessment and advisory to enablement and modernization at scale. Our architects assess your applications and infrastructure in the context of your business goal and your team's strengths to
determine which combination of cloud technologies and architectural patterns best fits your long-term roadmap. We can help you modernize your existing application with serverless refactoring and containers to get the benefits of going cloud-native. We offer an incremental approach to modernization or build net-new, modern cloud-native applications with end-to-end software development services that
leverage serverless, microservices architectures and modern operations. 

Where we can help

We can help you with the following aspects of your cloud-native journey:

  • Serverless refactoring: Build self-healing, auto-scaling, applications, unchained from the limitations of servers. Serverless architectures offer the highest efficiency and cost benefits of the cloud by pushing nearly all infrastructure and software management to the platform.
  • Container adoption: When serverless isn't an option, many prefer containers for deploying modern, complex, distributed applications. Containers often require minimal changes to the application, making them the perfect evolutionary step when significant refactoring isn't appropriate.
  • Cloud-Native Replatforming: Incrementally modernize your application by adopting managed platform services as drop-in replacements for databases, messaging, API management, logging, monitoring, alerting, and more.

Ultimately, we want to provide our customers with a selection of services based on their readiness to adopt so that you can plan your modernization roadmap with confidence. We've developed the following paths to help you better unlock the full potential of the cloud: 

Another opportunity

Discover your ideal modernization path and unlock the full potential of the cloud-native alternative.

Interested in learning how to identify the right application modernization approach for your business? Register now to join us for a virtual discussion with technology experts to learn how to accelerate your journey to modern applications leveraging cloud-native technologies.

Let our experts guide you on your cloud-native journey.