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Start your generative AI journey with our Generative AI Ideation Workshop. Gain new insights on leveraging data, employing machine learning and enhancing digital experiences with a cloud-first approach. Overcome the complexities of transitioning to a new data infrastructure, managing custom machine learning requirements, meeting analytics demands, enabling real-time data streaming and embracing the emerging field of generative AI.

In our workshop, Rackspace Technology® cloud transformation experts will give you an immersive experience tailored to drive your modernization efforts into the future. Our team possesses extensive knowledge spanning data, analytics, AI, machine learning, generative AI and more.


You’ll receive the following during your Generative AI Ideation Workshop: 

  • Identify and prioritize the top use cases
  • AI Solution Design including LLM and AI services to be used
  • High-level technical design and architecture
  • A proposal for follow-up implementation and engagement

Unlock the true potential of your organization's data-driven future with our Generative AI Ideation Assessment.

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Our generative AI services are part of the Foundry for AI by Rackspace Technology.


Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR™) is a groundbreaking global practice dedicated to accelerating the secure, responsible, and sustainable adoption of generative AI solutions across industries. Follow FAIR on LinkedIn.


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