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Build a Holistic Cloud Strategy to Transform into a Next-Generation Digital Business


Like most organizations today, the cloud is probably at the center of your IT transformation. But do you have a holistic cloud strategy in place? Without a multi-layered strategy, your transformation can stall, costs can spiral, and you can face added complexity and risk. 

Our workbook shows you how to create a cloud strategy that elevates your organization in five steps. It overviews the transition to becoming a next-generation digital business — where you gain the true benefits of cloud scale and flexibility.  

The 2022 Cloud Strategy Workbook” provides a complete template for creating a cloud strategy that positions you to transform, manage and optimize your data, applications and security, including: 

  • Business objectives: Summarize your top-line business strategy, desired business outcomes and any existing transformation initiatives. 

  • Cloud provider review: Evaluate cloud types and delivery models. 

  • Foundational cloud principles: Determine the future of your environment by defining a framework to guide migration and optimization as you grow. 

  • Cloud roles: Assess your internal skills and identify any gaps. 

  • Financial considerations: Address the financial implications of different service models. 

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