Historias de los clientes: M1 Finance

M1 Finance

Nuestro cliente

M1 Finance, a groundbreaking online financial services company, offers an innovative integrated money management application for investors who want to access features such as automation, leveraged investing and banking services

Los obstáculos que enfrentaron

M1 Finance realized that its current infrastructure wasn’t equipped to handle its current rate of growth. It needed an efficient and scalable data pipeline on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to capture and process login data, allow rapid querying and accelerate fraud detection.

Lo que logramos juntos

M1 Finance leveraged Onica’s (a Rackspace Technology company) professional services for AWS to handle increased growth while improving its fraud-detection capabilities.

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Cómo les hemos ayudado


Professional Services, Professional Services - Data Services, Security


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Onica’s team really went above and beyond in ideating and implementing the solution. A great degree of passion and craftsmanship was visible in the code style and design of the implementation, which is rare to find in these kinds of engagements and really awesome to work with.”

Richard Whaling
Lead Data Engineer
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