Working Together to Do What's Right


We believe the people create change and our business is built on people.

It’s people that create change at the core of our business. It starts with Rackers (what we call our employees), our suppliers, and extends into our communities.

Our Secret Sauce

Our core values are what truly set us apart.

They are key beliefs designed by Rackers, promoted by Rackers, and protected by Rackers. They guide our behaviors and interactions in both the big ways and the little ways.

Fanatical Support in all we do.

Results First, substance over flash.

Treat Rackers like Friends and Family.

Passion for our work.

Full disclosure and transparency.

Committed to greatness.

Fanatical Support for the Community

Here at Rackspace, we are all about creating a culture of service. Fanatical Support is not something we just talk about or a nice slogan to paint on the wall - it is a way of life. It defines the way we treat our customers, our fellow Rackers, and our communities. At the heart of each Racker is a desire to serve, and we are passionate about giving back to our communities all around the world.

  • Rack Gives Back enables Rackers to provide Fanatical Support® to the communities in which we live, work and play by providing them an outlet for their passion to serve in personal and meaningful ways.
  • We give our Time and Talent: Each year, Rackers in the US are given 24 hours of volunteer time off to spend serving the community in ways that are personally meaningful. Some of the ways we like to give our time:
    • Team Service Projects with local non-profits
    • Student mentoring
    • Annual Food Drive to support our Rackspace neighborhood
  • In 2015, Rackers volunteered over 23,000 hours.
  • Corporate Giving: Rackspace provides support to non-profit organizations in the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) fields. We are most interested in making grants to organizations that identify the root cause of problems and work to provide creative, meaningful solutions.
  • Rackspace Foundation is a funding organization that focuses on creating a learning community where education is valued, families and educators are engaged, and students strive to reach their fullest potential. The Rackspace Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit focused on investing in our own backyard. We have adopted seven schools in our San Antonio neighborhood, and one in our Austin neighborhood and fund important enrichmentprograms. It is funded entirely by Rackers through payroll deductions, and 100% of the donations go directly to supporting our students.

Supplier Diversity

Rackspace is committed to diversity—both in our employees and with our suppliers. In addition to cost and quality, we provide consideration for diversity in our supplier selection. Our efforts are focused on increasing the pool of diverse suppliers and awarding business accordingly.

Our definition of diversity includes:

  • Women-owned
  • Military/Veteran-Owned (includes DBVE)
  • Minority-Owned (MWBE Definition)
  • LGBT-Owned
  • Small Business (includes SDB, DBE, HUB)

Global Modern Slavery Statement

Read our statement on slavery and human trafficking.

Supplier Code of Conduct

At Rackspace, it's important that our suppliers understand how our Core Values influence the way we buy, build and operate within our supply chain. The Supplier Code of Conduct guides mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers who uphold the same ethical, environmental and business standards as Rackspace, both upstream and downstream their supply chains. This provides assurance to our customers that we continually do our due diligence for those with whom we conduct business.

By adopting the Code, we hope to foster partnerships dedicated to protecting human rights and environmental resources so that future generations may thrive, as well as to promote prosperity through continuous improvement for Rackspace, our suppliers and our customers. We hope these principles will help our suppliers benchmark their existing performance and moreover, implement similar policies within their own organizations. Let's build a better planet!

Download the Supplier Code of Conduct

Rackspace Position on Gender and Diversity

At Rackspace, we are committed to inclusion and diversity. Our core values regard every employee as a valued member of our team and critical to our mission. We know that diversity inspires the innovation and evolution that enable us to successfully serve our customers in the global and ever-changing technology marketplace.

We believe in gender equality. Our goal is to advance women in technology and women at Rackspace through continued leadership of industry and community initiatives. We strive to find new ways to attract, retain, develop, and promote women in all areas and at all levels of our company.

Download our Gender Pay Gap Report.

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