DBA Expertise for Your Entire Project Lifecycle

We Offer Two Levels of Service Based on Your Business Needs:


We handle the day-to-day care and feeding of your database platform, performing standard maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting, so your team can focus on your business applications.

Flat monthly fee
(Includes 12 hours of service/month)


+ $175/server/mo


You get all the features of DBAdministrator, plus advanced design, architecture, and planning services to help ensure your databases run at peak efficiency.

Flat monthly fee
(Includes 24 hours of service/month)


+ $600/server/mo

Put our DBAs to work for you.

Troubleshooting DBAdministrator DBArchitect
Availability issues in production

Our team is available 24x7x365 to help respond to downtime events and performance degradations.

Database backup issues

We work with storage and backup engineers to resolve issues with the restore or backup systems.

In-depth incident retrospectives

Upon request, we will investigate database related incidents and provide guidance on how to mitigate or avoid such incidents in the future.

Performance tuning and diagnostics

We help you identify optimizations, upgrades, or changes that can help your database achieve better and more consistent performance. (Additional license fees may apply.)

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