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Why Use Cloud and Dedicated Servers?

Deployment Speed

With cloud servers, you can have resources online within minutes. But with dedicated servers, the lead time is considerably longer.

Security and Compliance

To satisfy security and compliance concerns, dedicated hardware is best. Hybrid cloud lets you combine public cloud with private cloud or dedicated hosting to leverage the benefits of each platform.

High Availability

Building a high availability (HA) cloud environment can cost less, and configuration can be completed in minutes. Building an HA cloud on dedicated infrastructure with load balancers can take days.

Access to Tools

In a cloud environment, community-driven APIs are often available for automatic scaling, provisioning and management. In a dedicated environment, you may have to wait for vendor-driven development.


The cloud allows for easy compartmentalization of resources by function for easy scalability, management and resource segmentation. This type of compartmentalization can be expensive with dedicated hardware.

Monitoring and Support

Cloud servers include monitoring, alerts and support. Setting this up and getting deep technical support for dedicated environments is more complex, and vendor-specific technical support can be costly.

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