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Business is one of the most popular Spanish speaking websites and offers daily information about the world of consumer technology.


To migrate from a dedicated server to managed cloud whilst keeping the service working without their thousands of visitors having access problems, and, at the same time, optimize loading and working times as well as maintaining all the code operating on the site.


With Rackspace support, can now support thousands of simultaneous connections without compromising the attention each of their customers deserves.

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Managed Hosting, Managed Cloud, Managed Public Cloud


OpenStack Public Cloud

About the Customer is a news web site based in Mexico City with over 8 year’s experience in providing daily information on the world of consumer technology for the Spanish-speaking market, throughout the world. Unocero works on the premise that technology is not complicated, it just depends on who’s explaining it. The news site began as, but 4 years later decided to change its name to make it more corporate.

At Unocero we are always looking for exclusive information to publish immediately, and we are confident that the solution we have with Rackspace will cope with thousands of simultaneous connections and there will be no problem attending to each visitor properly.


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