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Nimbus Networks


Nimbus Networks strives to provide a fast, safe and consistent connectivity experience for over 200,000 concurrent users a day.  


Managing infrastructure was becoming increasingly difficult with a limited team and Nimbus Networks was looking to adopt cloud technology to scale and maintain availability. They were looking for expertise in managing the AWS cloud and to reduce the cost of hosting their software on existing infrastructure. 


With help from Rackspace, Nimbus Networks reduced their infrastructure costs by 60%  

How We Helped Nimbus Networks


Managed Cloud, Migration


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

About the Customer

For over 15 years, Nimbus Networks has provided wifi connectivity services across Latin America for some of the largest hotel chains in the world, hospitals and municipalities. 

The reality is that we are not experts on the Amazon cloud, but we need these services, that reach and reliability that Rackspace has given Nimbus in navigating through this process to launch our software, our platform, on a cloud such as Amazon’s has been fundamental and Fanatical Support has had an important part in this. 

Ernesto Romero

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