Customer Stories: Corra



Corra is a full service ecommerce systems integration agency.


Building out their own infrastructure, offering their client a low cost development environment during initial scope and design.


Corra is able to past saving on to their customers by developing infrastructure in the cloud, not at full scale, which creates happy clients.

How We Helped Corra


Ecommerce Hosting, Web Content Management



About the Customer

Corra is a full service ecommerce systems integration agency that does everything from design, development, strategy, and support for ecommerce projects. They have customers of all sizes that span B2B, B2C, and all are done on Magento.

We want to be known as the quality provider in the Magento space. We’re now doing load balancers, complicated caching, clustered web servers, clustered databases, content distribution networks and we’re doing all that for these clients that need to scale and we’re doing all that in the Rackspace environment.

Michael Harvey
COO, Corra

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