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A world leader in enterprise data protection and information management solutions.


Cost-efficient scale to manage growth, ability to recover sooner and precisely address specific customer needs.


Enable customers to move to multi-cloud environment, match workloads to preferred infrastructure.

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About the Customer

Commvault’s data protection and information management solutions help companies better protect, access and activate data — as a more powerful strategic asset. The company was formed in 1988 as a development group within Bell Labs, and later designated as a strategic business unit of AT&T Network Systems. Commvault was later incorporated in 1996 as an independent company based in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

Our customer base is not looking at a one-size-fits-all when it come to Cloud. Partnering with Rackspace, we can provide a lot of value and support around multicloud environments.

Andrew Stone
Global Account Manager, Commvault

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