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Rackspace CDN is a global Content Delivery Network (CDN), that accelerates delivery of your websites, images, video content and other assets for the ultimate experience. It can be used to deliver your entire website, including dynamic, static, interactive, and streaming content across 200 edge locations around the world. Using Akamai’s network, the industry leader in CDN, we power our customers' most important workloads — all backed by support from experts.


When speeds drop, so do conversions. CDN can boost load times for your revenue-generating websites, driving conversions and revenue. When your site is your cash register, speed matters.

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Engage customers with rich images, streaming video, and brilliant content without sacrificing speed. Your website reflects your brand so use our CDN to create the ultimate browsing experience.

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Web Applications

Performance of your web application is critical and with users dispersed around the globe, a CDN is a cost effective way to improve speed and eliminate the need for multiple data centers.

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"We flicked the switch, and went almost immediately from having zero traffic to millions of hits."

Ivan Yang

Director, Systems Engineering, VEVO

CDN Pricing

CDN pricing is the aggregate total of CDN bandwidth fees and request fees for your account across all US data center regions.

CDN Bandwidth

Bandwidth charges are for traffic between the CDN edge locations and the end user, and will be charged per GB as listed below. Tiers are aggregated by CDN region.

Usage APAC AUS EMEA India Japan North America South America
First 10TB $0.16 $0.16 $0.10 $0.19 $0.16 $0.10 $0.27
Next 40TB $0.15 $0.15 $0.09 $0.15 $0.15 $0.09 $0.22
Next 150TB $0.13 $0.13 $0.07 $0.12 $0.13 $0.07 $0.19
Next 300TB $0.11 $0.11 $0.045 $0.11 $0.11 $0.045 $0.17
Next 524TB $0.09 $0.10 $0.035 $0.105 $0.09 $0.035 $0.15
Next 4PB $0.08 $0.095 $0.025 $0.10 $0.08 $0.025 $0.14
5PB+ $0.06 $0.09 $0.02 $0.09 $0.06 $0.02 $0.13

* These products are billed monthly.

Request Fees

Priced per 10,000 requests to the edge

Usage APAC AUS EMEA India Japan North America South America
HTTP $0.009 $0.0094 $0.009 $0.009 $0.009 $0.0075 $0.0165
HTTPS $0.012 $0.0125 $0.012 $0.012 $0.012 $0.01 $0.022

*Requests are billed per 10,000 requests, per property, and rounded up to the nearest cent, daily.

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