Seamlessly Handle Demand with Auto Scale

Automatically Grow or Shrink Your Cloud

Unexpected high demand can hurt your application performance—and even a brief performance drop risks losing customers.

The Auto Scale feature of Cloud Servers helps you prepare for high-traffic events and scheduled load changes, like sales promotions and holiday shopping. By creating a few simple rules that you define and control, your application automatically scales to meet user demand.



when you signup for a cloud account

Benefits of Auto Scale

Better Customer Experience

Automatically add servers to meet high demand—and help keep your online services running smoothly.

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Lower Costs

Dynamically remove servers when demand is low to avoid over-provisioning.

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Peace of Mind

Automate manual tasks to reduce errors and focus more time on customers.

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"It’s completely standards compliant. We actually didn’t need to make any changes to OpenStack APIs or providers to work seamlessly with Rackspace."

Nand Mulchandani

CEO, ScaleXtreme

Auto Scale is Free for Cloud Servers Customers

Use it as much and as often as you need, through our Cloud Control Panel or APIs. You'll only pay for the servers you spin up. To get started, create a cloud account (or log into your existing account), and follow a few simple steps.

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