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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a dynamic and highly customizable content delivery system. Each installation is different, and a heavily used AEM Platform changes constantly. Most businesses using AEM will need some investigation into issues and some help tuning the platform for it to perform optimally.

Rackspace Technology is offering to run a top-down assessment of your AEM application with the goals of providing you maximum visibility into how it is performing today, what can be done to make it perform better and how to keep it stable and secure in the future.

An Adobe Experience Manager Implementation Assessment can take as little as a week to complete, depending on your goals. During the assessment, Rackspace Technology learns about your current business and technical goals through joint workshops and discovers challenges, strategies and positions related to the use of the AEM application. Once all requirements and deep-dives have been completed, Rackspace Technology will create a detailed findings summary report

Key Benefits

  • Customer experience: Delivering optimal customer experiences demands optimal performance and operations of your AEM platform. Health Check Assessment recommendations can help improve performance and operational capabilities, leading to better customer experience.
  • Reduced risk: Rackspace Technology AEM assessments and recommendations are based on Adobe best practices and can reduce security risk when implemented properly.
  • A clear path to reaching goals: Rackspace Technology will help you establish and track toward achieving your business and/or technical goals, delivering value through:
    • AEM cost optimization
    • Opportunities to improve content velocity and customer experience
    • Identified opportunities for reuse and reduce custom development
    • Full utilization of AEM Platform features
    • Better alignment with the AEM Platform Roadmap
    • Platform performance optimization and improved customer experience
    • Security optimization
    • Managed services operations optimization

Assessment Deliverables

The exact deliverables will be defined by the goal and scope of the assessment. Here is an example of various deliverables that will be produced as part of an assessment that is focused on cost optimization:

  • Platform & Infrastructure Assessment
  • Platform Architecture Review
  • Performance Tuning Assessment
  • Security Assessment and Best Practices
  • AEM Sites Implementation Review
  • AEM Digital Assets Management Review
  • AEM Configuration Management Review
  • AEM Operations and Maintenance Review
  • Content Delivery Network Analysis
  • APM Analysis

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