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What is a Multi-Cloud?

“Multi-cloud” is used to describe IT environments that rely on multiple cloud technologies. For example, you might run your legacy apps in a private VMware® cloud, while relying on a Microsoft® Azure® or AWS public cloud for your ecommerce site.

In a multi-cloud environment, each workload is running on its ideal cloud.

Multi-cloud is sometimes mistakenly referred to as “hybrid cloud,” but hybrid cloud refers to connecting multiple deployment platforms — such as public cloud, private cloud, dedicated servers and on-premises servers — within a single application.

Why Use a Multi-Cloud Environment?

Address Unique Needs

Multi-cloud can allow you to run each workload where it performs best.

Maintain Legacy Apps

Avoid the pain of migrating legacy apps to a new platform, while extending other workloads to public and private clouds.


By leveraging multiple technologies, you can avoid vendor lock-in and latency while creating redundancy.

Lower Costs

By running your workloads on their ideal platform, you create efficiency that can lower your costs.

How Can Rackspace Help?

Multi-cloud environments can be complex. And hiring, training and retaining a team with all of the skills to run them is expensive and time consuming.

Let our certified experts — across Alibaba®, AWS, Google, Microsoft, OpenStack®, Oracle®, SAP® and VMware technologies — help you tap into the power of your multi-cloud environment, without the complexity and cost of managing it on your own.

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