Fully Customizable, Managed Magnolia Hosting Environments

Magnolia Hosting with Rackspace

What is Magnolia?

Magnolia is a digital business platform with a CMS at its core.

Rackspace delivers the very best in custom Magnolia hosting, ensuring you get the full-featured, highly optimised and scalable environment you need. We provide a stable and secure Magnolia hosting environment, and our day-to-day management of your infrastructure leaves you free to focus on growing your online business.

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How does Magnolia work?

Editors: Magnolia allows you to create, edit and publish rich content in multiple languages quickly and easily. Forget confusing and endless dropdown menus. Magnolia brings smartphone simplicity to your editing and gives you a content creation experience that enables you to achieve your digital goals.

Developers: Magnolia gives you the freedom to create customized enterprise solutions using the tools you already know. Magnolia is open source, so front-end developers can extend websites to meet the most demanding requirements.

Open Suite Approach: Magnolia is your central hub, integrating all you need for ecommerce, analytics, marketing automation, social media, CRM and ERP. Because you’re flexible, you can add and expand features just as quickly as you need to. This allows all your tools to work together to create personalized experiences for your users across channels.

Mobile Authoring: Mobile technology continues to change how we consume and create content on a daily basis. That’s why Magnolia allows you to create and manage content on the tablet, just as easily as on the desktop.

Publishing: Magnolia takes your single source content and automatically applies a mobile theme. This renders your content suitable for mobile devices and any other formats you wish to define. This allows you to create once, publish everywhere, making life just that little bit easier. 

How does Magnolia work with Rackspace?

  • Clouddedicated and hybrid solutions. Fully customisable – choose the configuration to suit your needs
  • Near-infinite scalability. Pay-as-go utility billing on our public cloud – only pay for what you actually use with no idle infrastructure costs
  • Blazing fast content delivery via the Akamai CDN- optimised performance
  • Award-winning Fanatical Support, on your choice of industry leading technologies, 24/7/365
  • High security and reliability backed by 100% uptime guarantee

Configuration notes:

  • Load balanced publisher instances for highly available websites – giving complete peace of mind
  • Flexibility of public cloud – scale your solution to respond to periods of high demand
  • Rackspace managed cloud expertise - to help you with deployment and configuration
Magnolia Reference Architecture
"At Magnolia, we’ve observed a huge demand among our customers for support in their hosting choices. Not only do we want to provide our customers with the most ideal infrastructure for their Magnolia projects, we also want them to be able to rely on a global hosting partner that shares our values - most importantly, the ambition to give excellent customer service to each client. We have found that hosting partner in Rackspace."

Dominik Steinacher

Chief Commercial Officer, Magnolia

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