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Transsmart is a fast-growing company that provides shipping software solutions, connecting customers to over 300 carriers.  To ensure they remain competitive, they rely on cutting-edge technology to provide reliable and fast online experiences for customers.


Migration to a Rackspace environment to advance their technology stack in a fully managed and supported environment, to help them growth their business and process more customer transactions. 


With the help of the Migration Services team and Rackspace's 24/7 support, the Transsmart team can concentrate on their key business - the development of new features in their software and ultimately delivering great outcomes for customers. 

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How We Helped Transsmart


Managed Cloud, Managed Hosting, Managed Public Cloud, Professional Services


Dedicated Servers, OpenStack Public Cloud

About the Customer

Transsmart’s most important driving motivation since it began in 2008 is to have the logistical connection between web shop, warehouse, carrier, and client run flawlessly. Their cloud-based shipping and delivery management solutions are seamlessly integrated with more than 50 ecommerce, ERP, WMS, and independent systems and more than 300 carriers. Each day, more than 100.000 pallets and packages are booked and shipped to and from more than 150 countries all over the world and used by roughly 1200 domestic and international clients 24/7. 

Where Rackspace made a difference was their focus on support. They helped us design the infrastructure to ensure our applications run properly.  With the help of the GSS at Rackspace we managed to get the migration done successfully, in a timely manner... I really think that without the help of GSS we wouldn't have made the process a success.

Steven Luyckx
IT Manager

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