Customer Stories: Relay42


Our Customer

Dutch-headquartered Relay42 turns data into meaningful relationships for customers including Air France-KLM, Heineken, Mazda and FedEx. The company’s data management solutions integrate AI and orchestration capabilities to enable brands to unify all of their customer data, to predict behavior and engage them at any moment with truly personalized journeys.

The Obstacles They Faced

Now orchestrating up to half a million events per second in busy periods, Relay42 needed a flexible and scalable infrastructure to maintain service excellence and continue to drive innovation. With many customers in the Financial Services industry, regulatory compliance is also key for their business, as well as ensuring they have the platform capabilities to deal with customer demand as they continue their global expansion.

What We Achieved Together

Relay42 has been on a journey with Rackspace Technology, from a dedicated environment to AWS public cloud. Rackspace Technology has supported Relay42 scale their operations to support over 100 billion interactions each year. Rackspace Technology SLAs enable Relay42 meet compliance regulations and they benefit from expert help when it comes to accelerating innovation using AWS, whilst optimizing their cloud environment. Rackspace Technology optimized Relay42’s cloud spend (through CloudHealth by VMware) which identified cost savings of $8,000 per month in the initial months of the pandemic with zero impact on performance.

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How We Helped


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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“Rackspace Technology is a support partner that — like us — is always looking ahead, moving with the times and bringing its customers with them. I value that kind of alignment immensely.”


Rogier van Nieuwenhuizen
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