Customer Stories: Medica Sur

Medica Sur

Our Customer

Médica Sur is one of the most important health care institutions that comprises medical attention, research, diagnostic and community service. Requires high levels of speed, quality and security in their environments.

The Obstacles They Faced

The biggest challenge is the availability of web services:

  • Scale and secure their environment in order to grant access to their different units of medical care, diagnosis, research, teaching and social assistance.
  • Optimize costs as new technology is available every day, it should be used to improve the performance and cost of applications.
  • Speed up innovation as the market becomes more demanding, needs faster and accessible information on multiple platforms.


What We Achieved Together

Rackspace has worked closely with Médica Sur to keep its platforms available, secure and getting agile response times.  The security of their website is critical, they cannot allow any attack, or data leakage to happens. Rackspace has given them peace of mind.  Medica Sur recognizes the experienced and committed staff of Rackspace that provides them with the right and proactive solutions, always following best practices.

How We Helped


Managed Cloud, Managed Hosting, Managed Public Cloud, Scalability, Security


Dedicated Servers

We found the availability, experts, and the support we needed, that's why I highly recommend Rackspace.

José Luis Torres
Director of Information Technology
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